Gallery: June 2005
Mike, Leo and our ranch hand Paul Middel, fixing fence at The Oxbow Ranch in
preparation to bring some of our cattle there for grazing each Summer.
The Oxbow Ranch is also a historic ranch just to the south of us at Maryland
Creek Ranch. It's owned by Joedi & Chuck Arnold and currently being renovated
by one of Joedi's daughter's Kim and her husband Steve Allie. They are working
hard to bring the ranch back to it's original condition and maybe run a few
highland cattle of their own? Funny, now how did that happen?
Mike & Leo stringing some new wire the old fashioned way....
Paul's all smiles for the camera, maybe were
not working him hard enough?
With the fence fixed, it's time to let the "cow's come home" so to speak. Of course,
Leslie in the lead, has to check things out before she'll let the rest of the fold enter....
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